Established in 2008, Umsinsi Health Care is a Social Enterprise, dedicated to achieving fairness and reconciliation in the Health Care Industry, that is powered by a Commercial Business dedicated to the LOVE of SKIN in a health care setting. Be that the skin of Patients, or Health Care Practitioners and Allied Health Workers in Hospitals,Clinics, or Primary Health Care.

We have adopted a pioneering and successful Business Model from the UK (John Lewis Partnership) that originally sought to reconcile social classes across the top and bottom of a commercial enterprise & we are working hard to demonstrate that when Business places transformation and the imperative to transform at the very heart of its Business, it can achieve faster results and better service for its Customers, as well as more sustainable success and growth, for the benefit of every South African and the national economy as a whole.

Patient Care

Offering Patients affordable products that can demonstrate clinical and cost-effectiveness, across a range of indications.

HCP Care

Offering Health Care Professionals, as well as Allied Health Workers protection against the physical, microbial & chemical trauma & abuse that they may encounter at work.

Environmental Care

 Offering environmentally friendly Products & Services to our Customers and adopting environmentally friendly Company Policies, wherever possible.

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